"Hello, and welcome to my web site.  I am a self-taught artist who enjoys exploring and playing with different art mediums.  The thing that first draws me to a painting is always the colors.  I love rich, vibrant colors and I  use them in many of my paintings.  Bright colors make me happy in a way that can only be expressed as,  "They make my heart smile!"  I paint with watercolors, liquid acrylics, oils, alcohol inks, and encaustics.  I didn't start painting until later in my life and now I can't seem to learn, explore,  and play enough with different art mediums.  

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will also visit me on facebook.  Please come back and visit often!"
Alcohol Inks - "Spring Aspens" Alcohol Inks - "Dazzling Dahlia" Mixed Media - "Spring Forward" Kaleidoscapes - "Good Morning Glories" Geoscapes - "Jewelicious"
Charlotte Safewright