Geoscapes - "Jewelicious" Geoscapes - "The Secret Garden" Geoscapes - "Emotional Abstraction"
Geoscapes - "True Delight" Geoscapes - "Pure Nature" Geoscapes - "Rainbow's Illusion"
Geoscapes - "Time To Reflect" Geoscapes - "Sweet Inspiration" Geoscapes - "So Many Possibilities"
Geoscapes - "Make Your Dreams Come True" Geoscapes - "Tutti Frutti" Geoscapes - "Heavenly Glow"
Geoscapes - "Follow Your Heart" Geoscapes - "Blissful Daydream" Geoscapes - "A Vision of Love"
Geoscapes - "Feel The Magic" Geoscapes - "Serenity" Geoscapes - "Seaglass"
Geoscapes - "Broken Glass" Geoscapes - "Rock Garden"
"I created my Geoscapes with alcohol inks on tiles and yupo paper.  The unique patterns were created with the use of plastic wrap manipulated on the paintings. I get so excited each time a painting dries and I can remove the plastic to reveal the completed painting. As I remove the plastic to reveal the ink, it feels like I am opening a present on Christmas morning and what could be better than that?"